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Empower Your Business Communications: Unlocking Efficiency, Mobility, and Flexibility with OhTech's VOIP Solutions.

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Transform Your Business with Dynamic VOIP Solutions

We provide a wide selection of products and services to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.

With every telephone solution, you'll benefit from professional installation and ongoing support, including unlimited access to OhTech's telecom experts through our dedicated helpdesk..

Hosted Business Solutions

Maximise business opportunities and facilitate seamless collaboration throughout your workforce with our innovative, cost-effective telephony platforms—eliminating unplanned downtime, missed calls, or unforeseen expenses.

Regardless of your business's size and scope, we'll partner with you to assess and optimise your telephony infrastructure in line with your objectives. Plus, we'll assist you in managing it all from one centralised platform.

Flexible licensing models

Experience cloud telephony at your fingertips with pay-per-user billing, complete with a generous bundle of inclusive benefits.

Contact Centre Solutions

Enhance customer satisfaction by providing swift service and reducing wait times with access to cutting-edge unified communication features, inclusive of contact centres of all sizes.

Cloud Centralised Management

Streamline your operations with Cloud Centralised Management for your VOIP system, ensuring seamless control and efficient administration from a single, convenient platform.

Enhancing Business Continuity

Minimising Downtime and Safeguarding Critical Data with Effective Disaster Recovery Solutions.

Unlimited Growth

Scale Your VOIP System to Accommodate Any Business Size or Complexity.

Instant Insights

Make use of real-time dynamic reporting to stay ahead of the curve with insights on Call Performance and actionable data for continuous improvement.

Streamline Workspace Flexibility

Enable Effortless Hotdesking, Remote Work, and Mobile Device Integration.

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