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Why Cyber Essentials?

Backed by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), the Cyber Essentials scheme provides a clear picture of your company’s cyber security posture and ensures protection against cyber attacks.

Reassure your customers that you’re proactively defending your IT infrastructure and attract new business with the guarantee of robust security measures.

As a Cyber Essentials Certification Body, we work with you throughout the process of becoming certified.

Our support can cover:

  • Auditing your infrastructure

  • Advice on any required remediation

  • Deployment of the necessary upgrades

  • Certification as a Cyber Essentials PLUS business

What does Cyber Essentials involve?

Prevent 80% of common cyber attacks by correctly implementing the Cyber Essentials controls.

User Access

Manage who can access company systems and monitor users’ permission levels.

Secure Configuration

Configure device security to limit the possibility of a cyber criminal finding a way in.

Secure Update Management

Prevent hackers from using software flaws to gain access to your IT infrastructure.

Malware Protection

Detect and disarm viruses and malicious software before it causes harm to your assets.

Firewalls and Routers

Install a security filter between network devices and the internet to prevent unauthorised access.

Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials PLUS?

We offer both levels of accreditation to suit your business’ needs.

Cyber Essentials is an online self-assessment questionnaire that assesses your business’ level of cyber security.

Cyber Essentials PLUS includes the online self-assessment as well as an audit of your IT systems to ensure your compliance — completed by our in-house cyber experts and partners.

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